green detox juice

breakfast all the time--Journey for Jessi

A couple days ago, I made a detox juice for breakfast to ease an unsettled tummy an reboot my system.  I love having my green juice when I feel like my system is out of whack.  You could not even taste the greens due to the honey and apple and lemon juice. Continue reading

kick-start circuit series:rotation six

Liveashore Tank!Yesterday was a good day.  I received my Liveashore workout tank in the mail, had a day full of great snacks, and filled with kick-butt workouts!  It all began with my morning run as I continue training for my half-marathon(s).  I have just been running 6-8 miles a week since I have not registered for any halfs yet, and Jessi’s is in all the way in May.  It has been really hot here in Houston, so I learned to listen to my body and heart and slow it down. Continue reading