day seven | travel

week one: day seven | Journey for Jessi
It’s been a whole week on my Whole30!  Today was a travel day for me, in the air and on the road back to Colorado. I had plenty of time to read and catch up on my podcasts which I am very grateful for. I stayed paleo all day too. Traveling is no excuse to eat like crap. Continue reading

day six | lazy days

 week one: day six| Journey for JessiNot much to report on day six of the paleo Whole30 challenge.  It was a rainy day my last day here in Houston.  I mainly was a couch potato I have to admit.  I didn’t even get my steps in for the day until I hit up the treadmill an hour and a half ago.  I mainly just snacked on veggies, fruit, nuts, and meat all day until dinner.   Continue reading

day five | out & about

 week one: day five | Journey for JessiYesterday wrapped up my day five on this paleo challenge of mine including NO coffee too (to cut back my caffeine after abusing it during finals week).  It did not seem to take me very long to adapt to this program (Whole30). I think the key is to stay busy, occupied, and well-hydrated. Continue reading

day four | food & clarity

week one: day four | Journey for Jessi

Today, I am thankful for NOT having a headache, bloating, or stomach troubles!  Day four had definitely been the easiest yet!  I think I am getting use to my mornings without coffee and I am not craving sugar and cereals like the previous days. I have to say, I think it helped quite a bit that I stayed busy and active all day. Continue reading

day three | side effects

week one: day three | Journey for JessiDay three began with me researching “side effects” of a paleo detox.  Apparently my headaches and nausea are normal.  In fact, what I have found is that it is quite normal to feel like a hangover when on the Whole30 program  or similar paleo 30 day challenges like mine.  Today, I woke up with another headache and a weird kind of hunger. Continue reading

day two | take me out & take out

paleo challenge: day two | Journey for JessiMy day two of paleo challenge was one that tested my willpower and dining out tact.  I began by having breakfast at my brother and wife’s place: scrambled eggs with homemade salsa, turkey bacon, and a cutie.  I took a rest day today in terms of training because my back has been on fire lately.  I blame improper daily recovery and being a bit too sedentary… Continue reading

day one | the sugar hangover

paleo challenge: day one | Journey for Jessi

Day one of my 30 day pure paleo challenge began with me waking up, drinking some good ole H2O, a one minute static plank hold, and 10 air squats. I got dressed and went to the gym for 30 minutes of fasted cardio. I got home, showered, then made 2 eggs and ate some leftover turkey meatballs. Continue reading