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zak detox deodorant | Journey for Jessi
Get buckled up for some real talk about my ongoing deodorant hunt and some TMI about my underarms.  I have been on a quest for a natural deodorant now for months.  All of them resulted in me going back to my aluminum-filled, pore-blocking paste that is my clinical strength sport deodorant–it’s a love-hate relationship.  So when Zak Detox Deodorant contacting me about giving their deodorant a try just out of the blue, I knew I had to jump on the chance.  “This could be the one,” I thought, and happily got in touch with this small local (Colorado proud) company.

Once I received the deodorant, I put down my aluminum-based addiction, and used Zak Detox deodorant solely for three weeks.  The application is not as smooth as other traditional or natural deodorants, but I might be because during this time, my apartment was a frozen tundra.  Anyway, I applied this deodorant as I did normally, at night before bed then occasionally before a workout/when I felt I smelled bad… you know what I am talking about.

The first week went splendidly!  Although this deodorant is NOT anti-persperant, I noticed that I did not sweat as much as with other brands of natural deodorants I have tried.  I was pleased with these results.  The odor was also gone I should mention, but trust me, if I did feel smelly, this deodorant would not have called home under my pits for three weeks.

At the end of the second week, however, the all too familiar rash began to develop…  It was not as bad or as sudden as the other natural deodorants caused me, but still happened.  I have talked with several of my friends who use natural deodorants, and this rash of mine is elusive to them.  My conclusion:  I think I am allergic to a common ingredient found in most natural deodorants, but I have not been able to pin point it yet.  It stinks because I had faith in Zak’s deodorant.  It was promising until week two, then I went to alternating between Zak and my aluminum-pore-clogger to mitigate my symptoms.  This seemed to work well and I was able to continue on with my experiment.

Sadly, I am still on a quest for a natural deodorant that keeps me fresh and rash-free.  (If you have ANY recommendations PLEASE leave them below in the comments!)  If you tend to react normally to natural deodorants, though, I HIGHLY recommend this one as I stated above that it did make me perspire less and contained any nasty BO.  zak detox deodorant | Journey for JessiNotes about the ingredients:

  • I am not sure how a deodorant can be “paleo,” but to each their own.
  • WARNING: This product is NOT certified vegan.  They use beeswax, which comes from an animal source and bee-products such as beeswax and honey, are typically not classified as “vegan”.

*Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Zak Detox Deodorant contacted me and provided their product to me, with no additional compensation.

*I am very selective when working with brands. I do not accept product offers that do not fit the overall mission of my blog that is providing my thoughts about “living life with heart, health and honesty.”

What are your thoughts?

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