day twelve | fat outta hand

day twelve | fats outta hand | Journey for Jessi

So day twelve of my Whole30 and day two of my new training program and I have begun to notice something…  Where my carbs at?  Don’t get me wrong, I have NO adversity to fats.  In fact, I love fats a little too much.  I am a nut junkie, an avo connoisseur, I practically bathe in coconut oil/milk/flakes.  Because I am so in tune with my body now,  I realized that whenever I eat more clean, I tend to crave more fats, healthy fats, but fats nonetheless.

Here is the suspected reason for this: I am eating less carbohydrate and less protein than I need to be.  Make sense right?  The overconsumption of one macronutrient leads to the skimping on the other two.  With this new (new for me) enlightenment, I plan to take control of this and get my macros in order.  I am eating a clean, paleo diet.  I no longer see food as an emotional outlet.  I don’t feel blood sugar crashes anymore.  My life isn’t consumed by sugar anymore.  Like any long term “diet” (Ugh.  I hate the context of that work nowadays.  Read my statement here.), it takes small changes that build up over time.  There is no way tomorrow, or the next day, or a week later and my macros will be to a tee.  Far from it.  BUT, here is my game plan to get there:

  1. Spend the day cutting back on fats and eating more protein and compliant carbs.  That’s it.  No numbers.  No counting. No measuring.  Just eating less fat than I have been and more protein/carbs than I have been.
  2. Start measuring* fats and pre-portioning them.  The whole bag of nuts is a lot more difficult to down in one sitting if they are portioned out into half servings in snack baggies.
  3. Start paying attention to how many grams* of protein consumed daily.  Then,  compare that number to the recommended 1g of protein per pound of body weight.  Since I am training and trying to lean out, I probably need even more than that recommendation.
  4. Adjust grams* accordingly and see how my body is feeling and how my training goes.  Keep adjusting until BOOM! I know I have hit the golden number.
  5. Time for carbs.  A bit trickier, but I will measure* and take note of my carb intake for a few days and play around with my ideal just like the protein.  This will be more difficult though since I need to cycle my carbs around training sessions and training days.
  6. Give it time.

Not a perfect plan.  Not even a very detailed plan, but it’s a plan that I know I can, and will, follow.  Some of you may see this and think that there is no way this would work for you.  You’re probably right because everyone is different and everyone deserves to strategize their own plan of attack.  I say go for it!  The best way to achieve success is to create it yourself!

*note: measuring will begin after my 30 days are over.  A big part of the Whole30 is NO measuring or weighing in order to focus on health and nutrients rather than numbers.

What are your thoughts?

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