day eleven | chocolate craving

  week two: day eleven | Journey for JessiDay eleven just kinda hit me.  Like, “whoa!” is it really day eleven.  According to the stats, day ten and day eleven are when most people quit the Whole30 challenge.  Well then, I guess I MADE IT!  I am home free, right?  Wrong.  I only hoped.  Today after dinner, after my first day back to work in three weeks, my first day on a new training regimen, I could have used a little square of dark chocolate. 

Although I was craving chocolate, it was a craving for one square of dark.  I wasn’t daydreaming of ploughing through a whole pan of brownies or eating a dozen Reese’s cups.  What I am saying is that this challenge has even strengthened my mental control on cravings and what I want to “treat” myself too.  After my 30 days are up, I am 100% confident that I am NOT going back to eating a cup of chocolate chips after every dinner or “snacking” on protein (candy) bars.  The fact that I am looking forward to having a square or two of 85% dark chocolate as a treat really speaks of this program I feel.

Bring on the remaining 19 days, because I got this!

What are your thoughts?

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