day seven | travel

week one: day seven | Journey for Jessi
It’s been a whole week on my Whole30!  Today was a travel day for me, in the air and on the road back to Colorado. I had plenty of time to read and catch up on my podcasts which I am very grateful for. I stayed paleo all day too. Traveling is no excuse to eat like crap.

In the morning, I had two eggs and my chia pudding for breakfast.  I passed everything in the airport, sat down, and got lost in Robb Wolf‘s book, The Paleo Solution.  It helps quite a bit in understanding the why paleo is a superior lifestyle to follow.  I say lifestyle because paleo really does go beyond a “diet”.  Paleo looks at how humans were genetically born to be, and I can tell you one thing, it was not to eat fried food all day and work a stationary 9-5 job.

On the airplane, I continued reading and napped.  I gave my onboard snack of honey-roasted peanuts and 100 cal snack chex mix to the lady sitting next to me.  I had a handful of raw almonds I packed from home.  When I got back to my apartment, though, I was starving.  It was beginning to snow, so I didn’t want to go out anywhere, so I scavenged my pantry and fridge.  I had been gone three weeks, so all I was left with was more almonds (I over did the almonds yesterday), a can of tuna, garlic, and frozen brussels sprouts.  I opened the Tuna and sautéed the sprouts in some olive oil and garlic.  I still went to bed very hungry and I woke up because of my stomach—ouch.  Definitely not one of the best food days.

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