day six | lazy days

 week one: day six| Journey for JessiNot much to report on day six of the paleo Whole30 challenge.  It was a rainy day my last day here in Houston.  I mainly was a couch potato I have to admit.  I didn’t even get my steps in for the day until I hit up the treadmill an hour and a half ago.  I mainly just snacked on veggies, fruit, nuts, and meat all day until dinner.  

For dinner though, my family got take-out sushi.  Mmmm.  It was a great last day home meal.  I had 6 pieces of salmon sashimi and an order of Goma Ay.  I was a bit disappointed that I had to pass on my beloved miso soup though.  Miso soup is made from miso paste that is derived from fermented soy beans, which are not paleo… Oh well.  I am almost a week into my Whole 30!  Yay!  Tomorrow will test my paleo skills while in airports and traveling.  Fingers crossed.

How do you stay paleo when traveling?  Any helpful tips?

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