day three | side effects

week one: day three | Journey for JessiDay three began with me researching “side effects” of a paleo detox.  Apparently my headaches and nausea are normal.  In fact, what I have found is that it is quite normal to feel like a hangover when on the Whole30 program  or similar paleo 30 day challenges like mine.  Today, I woke up with another headache and a weird kind of hunger.

I felt hungry, but nothing really sounded appealing to me.  I had two small clementines and later, I made an egg scramble with tomatoes and avocado accompanied with a cup of hot green tea.  This seemed to hold me over for a while and suppress my small headache.  Even though I did have a headache this morning, it was slight and dissipated much faster than the previous two days.

What really helped, though, was getting out to the gym.  I rowed 2500 meters followed by various low-impact strength exercises.  This seemed to clear up my system for the time being.

For dinner, I had salad, green beans, and pecan-crusted red fish.  It was very delicious.  After dinner, I just poured a glass of coconut milk to sip on until my sugar cravings were eliminated.

A good, full meal and some exercise seemed to cure me of my bloating and headaches—for now!

What are your thoughts?

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