day one | the sugar hangover

paleo challenge: day one | Journey for Jessi

Day one of my 30 day pure paleo challenge began with me waking up, drinking some good ole H2O, a one minute static plank hold, and 10 air squats. I got dressed and went to the gym for 30 minutes of fasted cardio. I got home, showered, then made 2 eggs and ate some leftover turkey meatballs.

Throughout the rest of the day I ate paleo.  I did want to eat the orange rolls my mom made for breakfast and nibble a few crackers though. I only slipped twice today, but not bad. I dipped a few shrimp in cocktail sauce and ate one black eyed pea per New Year’s Day tradition.

My head has been hurting all day though. It got better after my hour long nap, but then returned. I know something is up when I get headaches, as I don’t often get them.  This is probably cutting processed foods cold turkey and lack of caffeine. I drank one cup of green tea and three pieces of fruit today to ease me cutting back on sugar.

Day one officially in the books. Goodnight!

What are your thoughts?

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