miso soup & sushi

miso soup & sushi || Journey for Jessi

I am super behind on posts, but I plan on catching up this week!  I have been so connected via Instagram and now snapchat, that sometimes I forgo the longer posts.  I received a lot of request for my miso soup recipe that I made this weekend, so I figure I will start with that!  Miso soup is my go-to soup when I need something quick and tasty or when my digestive system is out of whack.  

♦ 1 T miso paste (I use white, but there are tons of different kinds)

♦ 2 sheets dried seaweed

♦ 2 chopped green onions

♦ ¼ block firm tofu (drained and pressed)

♦ (sometimes I add avocado and/or mushrooms)

Bring water to  boil and pour over the miso paste.  Mix up well until all paste is dissolved.  Add tofu cubes and green onions.  Tear seaweed and add to the soup.  The seaweed will soften/wilt when presented in the soup, so don’t worry about the crisp-ness.

miso soup & sushi || Journey for JessiThen, sit back, enjoy you soup alone or with some sushi!  Yum!  I can have sushi all the time.  It never gets old.

What are your thoughts?

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