strawberry shakeology “pancakes”

strawberry shakeology Pancakes?  Yes please!  Don’t worry, these are a version of my healthy “pancakes.”  They are paleo/gluten-free and packed with protein, pre- and pro-biotics thanks to Shakeology®.  Don’t know what Shakeology® is?  Ask me about it in the comments below or email me at and I will give you the scoop!  If you already have Shakeology®, then get ready for these Strawberry Shakeology® “Pancakes.”

strawberry shakeology Ingredients:

♦ 1/3 c egg whites (or 2 egg whites)

♦ 1 banana

♦ 1 whole egg

♦ ½ scoop Vegan Strawberry Shakeology® (or any flavor you like–chocolate?? yummy!)

strawberry shakeology Begin by mashing the banana until there are no chunks left.

strawberry shakeology Add in the eggs and beat into the banana mash.

strawberry shakeology Mix in your Shakeology® until well-blended.

strawberry shakeology Pour the batter onto a heated and greased skillet.  I use coconut oil spray to grease my pans.

strawberry shakeology After you see little bubbles form in the “pancake,” flip it over and cook the until golden.

strawberry shakeology

strawberry shakeology Feel free to make your “pancakes” as big or small as you want.  I tend to like a bunch of small ones versus one giant pancake, but to each their own.

strawberry shakeology Top off your “pancakes” with whatever finds your fancy!  I have been using Walden Farms Calorie-Free Pancake Syrup.  Some of my other go-to toppers include honey, maple syrup, yogurt or fruit.  However you like them, just… 


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