spring flings

spring flings||Journey for JessiAs I have probably mentioned before, Spring is my favorite season.  I love Easter, getting outdoors, the sunshine, the flowers, etc.  This post is just my ode to Spring and what I do to get out and enjoy it.  When I moved to Colorado a few years ago, my outlook on Spring shifted slightly–snow?? Really??  Oh well, even random snow storms can’t dull my Spring spirit.
spring flings||Journey for JessiThis flashback starts back at Easter.  Just because I’m away from home, doesn’t mean I can’t dye eggs.

spring flings||Journey for JessiI just did five of them because that’s how many cups I wanted to dirty up.  I also added some glitter as you can tell, because dying eggs is not messy enough.

spring flings||Journey for JessiAfter dying them, I kept them in the fridge to peel and eat as protein snacks for the rest of the week.  *Tip: keeping boiled eggs in the fridge is a great healthy snack idea!  High in protein and filling!*

spring flings||Journey for JessiI also went to church of course on Easter Sunday.  I broke out the spring dress and pearls as well.

spring flings||Journey for JessiThe weekend after Easter, my family came to visit.  We started off the weekend by heading to the Cubs (Rockies) game.  

spring flings||Journey for JessiFor me, it just isn’t spring with out celebrating the beginning of baseball season!  Another reason I love Spring–I love baseball.

spring flings||Journey for JessiI am thrilled to report that the Cubbies won!!!  Go Cubs Go!

spring flings||Journey for JessiLater that week, my parents and I went exploring.

spring flings||Journey for JessiI saw my first-ever Bald Eagle.  It may have just been in a rescue center, but it was still pretty amazing.  Every American should have this on their bucket list.

spring flings||Journey for JessiAfter exploring some grassland trails, we walked around the reservoir. 

spring flings||Journey for JessiThe weather was so perfect!

spring flings||Journey for JessiOn Tuesdays, I don’t have class so we were able to drive to Estes Park and visit one of our favorite National Parks.

spring flings||Journey for JessiEstes is one of my favorite places to escape.  I love getting back to nature.  It calms me and grounds me.

spring flings||Journey for JessiI took advantage of the scenery and decided to get some training in ( /my dad suggested it).  They followed me in their car.  I felt like a legitimate runner with my pacer/water team.

spring flings||Journey for JessiI recently have discovered how much I like trail running as opposed to roads.

spring flings||Journey for JessiI still run on roads, though.  A majority of my races are road runs.

spring flings||Journey for JessiI never forget to pause and enjoy the scenery.  I feel so blessed for what my body can do and I do take the time to reflect on it.

spring flings||Journey for JessiAfter running (and goofing off), we did some more serious hiking.

spring flings||Journey for Jessi

…and more goofing off…

spring flings||Journey for Jessi

Don’t take life too seriously all the time.

spring flings||Journey for JessiI incorporated some rock “box” jumps while waiting for the ‘rents to catch up.  You don’t need equipment to get fitness in! 

spring flings||Journey for JessiAfter about an hour of hiking up, we started to hit snow on the trails…

spring flings||Journey for JessiI’m not a fan of snow…it’s cold, it’s not Spring, and it’s slippery.

spring flings||Journey for JessiAnd this is where we turned around.

spring flings||Journey for JessiThat was all just a few days ago.  Yesterday and today (and the rest of this weekend it seems), it has been snowing/sleeting/raining.  I’m lucky that Colorado has not made my love of spring cease, as spring to Coloradans usually does mean snow showers.  But even with the occasional snow, looking back at all the gorgeous mountain and spring pictures from this week, spring is still my favorite season.  You can’t beat sunshine, outdoor activities and fresh air.

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