easter feels

easter feels || Journey for JessiEaster is beyond my favorite holiday.  The spring season, the meaning, the feeling it brings inside me–everything about it just cleanses me and gives me an ignited appreciation for life and all the little things it brings.  I love Easter with all my heart, and why wouldn’t I when this holiday reminds people of new life and rebirth and hope?  I must admit to feeling emotional on Easter.  It’s embarrassing to admit, but I usually tear up in Church.  This Easter I have even more “feels” in me.  One of my favorite Easters was a few years back to my freshman year when I was warmly invited to spend Easter with Jessi and her wonderful family.easter feels || Journey for JessiMany of you that are familiar with my blog are use to seeing the picture above.  It is one of my very favorites of Jessi and I.  It was on Easter day when we went to her uncle’s house for Easter brunch.  Her family made me feel so welcome and loved as always.  It was so nice to feel this especially when I start getting homesick during the spring season (it’s inevitable, I’m homesick even now).  The day before, Jessi and I dyed eggs, whipped up a special, improvised dessert and tried saving a cake bunny.  

easter feels || Journey for JessiEaster morning, we looked for our hidden Easter baskets that Mama Dillon lovingly made for us all (they were even healthy baskets filled with trinkets, dark chocolate, dried fruits and nuts.  It was all so thoughtful.  After a beautiful church service, we headed to her cousins’ in Colorado Springs with our “Bird’s Nests” desserts in hand.  I’ll have to post this special recipe sometime.  It was Jessi and I’s own creation after collecting ideas from around the web (Pinterest).  I’m starting to laugh/cry now as I remember the Bunny Cake incident… 

easter feels || Journey for JessiJessi’s mom worked very patiently on making this cute bunny cake.  But for some reason, the bunny was not having it.  It caved in at points and was difficult to assemble together.  Jessi and I did not give up though, and we were determined to fix the bunny and bring it to life by patching it up with LOADS of icing.  We were so proud of our handy work and the bunny looked like new–that is, until we saw what happened the next morning…

easter feels || Journey for JessiThe bunny cake couldn’t hold up to that much icing we used for repairs and ultimately, just collapsed in a sad, sad tragedy.  As sad as it was, we couldn’t help but giggle.  I will never forget that Easter.  I remember it all from our drive down to Jessi’s home and stopping at Sprouts for my first trip there, to spending the weekend with her family and cherishing our blossoming friendship.  

easter feels || Journey for JessiThere isn’t a day that goes by that Jessi doesn’t pop into my mind at some point.  It’s been occurring a lot more lately.  Maybe because of happy Easter memories or the looming date fast approaching next month.  It’s almost been a full year since I lost my best friend and I still am stricken with fresh grief whenever the memories come flooding in from time to time.  But for some reason, Easter calms me.  It reminds me even more that Jessi is with her Savior and the greatest love of her life.  She loved Jesus and God with a passion that not many hold.  When I think about Jessi in Heaven, it’s hard to continue being sad because I know she is in her ultimate bliss.  She is protected by her Father and his Son and she gets to celebrate Easter and understand it in the highest of ways.

Celebrate this Easter remembering the reason, the rebirth, the cleansing, the purity that is Jesus.  I know I will.  

Live life with heart, health and happiness this Easter and rejoice!

3 thoughts on “easter feels

  1. Memories of that very special Easter came flooding back as I read this post. We were so blessed to have you join our family for that most memorable celebration of Resurrection Day! Thank you for your sweet words. Thank you for honoring Jessi in such an amazing way. May God bless you as you continue on your journey. We love you and we are praying for you. – Mama Dillon and family


  2. Emily, I am Jessi’s aunt and remember so well the Easter you spent with us… it was a joy to have you here celebrating a most joyous day! Jessie’s mom, Mama Dillon, just texted me about your blog… I am so thankful that Jessi had a friendship to cherish such as yours… looking forward to reading more about your adventures and spiritual growth! xxoo, Jessi’s Aunt Sherryl


  3. Such a beautiful post Sweetheart, made me cry. I have always been so proud of you and your many accomplishments but this journey of yours has me about to burst with pride and love. You really have been blessed with the gift of writing and the ability to share so honestly and eloquently what’s in your heart. I continue to be amazed by your strength; physically, yes, but I’m referring to your strong mind and heart and its enormous capacity to love. I know that Jessi is probably bursting with pride too as she watches over you and continues to inspire you. I love you so very much and I am so thankful and blessed that I get to be your mother.


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