trader joe’s in foco

trader joe's in foco || Journey for JessiIt was a pretty exciting day yesterday.  I have a thing with grocery stores.  I absolutely love them.  Grocery shopping is one of my favorite stress relievers.  Call me weird–I already know.  So this weekend, my town opened up their first Trader Joe’s!  It is the equivalent of Disneyland opening to me.  Of course, I had to visit opening weekend!

trader joe's in foco || Journey for JessiThankfully, I am not the only one that was ecstatic!  My roomie and I made a Trader Joe’s date yesterday morning after my Crossfit sesh.  I wasn’t counting down the minutes or anything…

trader joe's in foco || Journey for JessiWe finally made it and we were kids in a candy store!  People probably thought we were insane!  We were walking up and down the store with huge smiles on our faces just laughing and trying to contain our joy (we couldn’t though).

trader joe's in foco || Journey for JessiIt was just such a great experience.  I love nice people/employees who feed off of the happiness of others.  At checkout, we both got a free Trader Joe’s bag for being so patient as the man checking me out learning the system (it was only his first day).  I always try to be patient and kind in these situations, and they always pay off in the end–hello, free bag!

trader joe's in foco || Journey for JessiI didn’t really need to go grocery shopping, I admit, so I just picked up a few needed things, and special treats.

trader joe's in foco || Journey for Jessi

Bananas and eggs were the necessities.  Then…the rest!  This summer when I went to Trader Joe’s back at home, I discovered their dried fruit–pineapple.  Anybody that knows me knows that I am obsessed with anything pineapple!  TJ’s dried fruits are just fruit!  No added sugar or preservatives.  So yum!  I grabbed a few bags of those along with golden raisins, unsalted pistachios, unsalted almond butter, unsweetened blueberry/pomegranate green tea, coconut cream (for vegan baking) and some dark chocolate–because chocolate.

Have you ever been to a Trader Joe’s?

What are your thoughts?

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