stuffy sleepy and sick

stuffy sleepy and sick || Journey for JessiI admit it.  I was sick last week.  Despite ALL of my precautions and sanitary behavior the week before, like my uptake in vitamin C for example.  I guess it is difficult to fight a college community teeming with infection.  It did not turn out to be the flu, thank goodness, although Wednesday (at my worst) had me worried.  I am feeling way better now, though still runny nose, my lethargy and head congestion are fading.  So how did I beat this week?  Here are my tips to take care of myself while staying on a fitness program.

stuffy sleepy and sick || Journey for Jessi1.  Vitamin C: Keep up that vitamin C intake!  Eat citrus, keep taking Emergen-C or take a vitamin C tablet like I do.


2.  Modify: As long as I do not have the flu, or any contagious illness, I usually still manage to fit in a little workout in the day.  But, I am no healthy expert, nor do I know how you are feeling.  Please listen and assess your own body.  Do not push yourself.  Modify by going more slowly.  Walk instead of run.  Stretch or do yoga instead of crossfit.  I like to stay home (keeping the gym sanitary) and do P90X (at a moderate level).

stuffy sleepy and sick || Journey for Jessi3.  Drink Water:  Drink lots and lots of water!  Bonus for putting more vitamin C infused in!  You cannot get enough water when you are not feeling well.  It really helps.  Another reason I still like to get a little workout in?  It forces me to drink my H2O.

stuffy sleepy and sick || Journey for Jessi4.  Take care of yourself: Drink tea, light candles, keep your nose blown, wash your hands!  Vicks it up (I love that stuff…)!  Anything and everything to make yourself feel better.

stuffy sleepy and sick || Journey for Jessi5.  Sleep:  Get your sleep in!  This is essential.  Take naps.  Get your 8 hours in.  I took power naps while having to study for an Organic Chemistry exam and complete Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics homework… but I still made my health and sleep a priority.

I hope these tips help you if you get sick.  They sure did help me!  I am still playing it safe though and following these tips until I am 100% better.  I did up my workout game today and thankfully, my body accepted (and praised) it!  Time for bed now.  Busy day tomorrow for Valentine’s Day!

What are your thoughts?

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