my first blog party

Fit Fed and Happy
So here I go!  My first “blog party.”  What you are about to see is a quick post of my “Life in Pictures.” A “blog party” or “link up” is a way for bloggers to connect and share their blogs in a supportive environment.  I am so excited to have been invited to my first link up and what better way than sharing through pictures?  Try to guess what all I have done through the pictures shared!  Without further or do, my week in pictures…  

breakfast all the time--Journey for Jessi

reboot green juice--Journey for Jessi#LIPlinkup | Journey for Jessi#LIPlinkup | Journey for Jessi #LIPlinkup | Journey for Jessi #LIPlinkup | Journey for Jessi #LIPlinkup | Journey for Jessi #LIPlinkup | Journey for Jessi #LIPlinkup | Journey for Jessi #LIPlinkup | Journey for Jessithe breakfast or brunch burrito--Journey for Jessi cycling and protein | Journey for Jessi cycling and protein | Journey for Jessi#LIPlinkup | Journey for JessiCan you guess my story this week so far?  Need hints?  Check out my blog posts at or on Instagram ;)

6 thoughts on “my first blog party

  1. Hi Emily, hope you enjoyed your first link up! I remember how excited I was for my first one a couple months back :) Just read your “about” page and your story behind the blog is such an inspiration, your friend would be incredibly proud of you!! That smoothie looks delicious by the way :)


  2. 1. Ah, you’re a classic. Oats and bananas for breakfast?
    2. Green smoothies! Did you add spinach?
    3. How hard is teh p903x compared to p90x? I tried the p90x pylo video and didn’t find it very hard or challenging so I am turned off by all of p90x but I want to hear your thoughts on it.
    4. CONGRATS YOU WON?! I never win anything. Whatre you gonna spend it on?
    5. I see coconut chips :P

    I love your linkup. Thank you so much for coming to the party, you are a lot of fun. Hope to see you again on the 30th of January and feel free to bring some friends, since partying is always fun with big groups. #LIPlinkup


    • 1. Yes! Although today I’m making waffles ;)
      2. Yes and Yes!
      3. Well I am a HUGE fan of all thing P90X and Tony Horton haha. I find them challenging and the programs really work for me. P90X3 is great because they are only 30 minutes and fit into my busy college schedule/life! But like I said, I am in love with all things P90X, someday I hope to be a Beachbody Coach!
      4. And unfortunately, no contest winner here. They are just part of the rewards program. The more you spend over the year the bigger the award for the following year.
      5. Yes! Coconut flakes in my granola! I will be posting the recipe very soon!

      Thank you for inviting me! I had so much fun :)


  3. I love your oatmeal and bananas. Is it a recipe that you created? Share? :) Pretty much all your food. I also ran long this morning so maybe that’s why… I’m hungry… Love your post!


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