get out of your workout rut

get out of your workout rut--Journey for JessiIt is so beyond important to mix up your workout.  I am guilty as charged for just going to the gym, doing the elliptical for an hour, then a few assisted weight machines.  Snore!  My body is bored!  I am so grateful that I got P90X3 for Christmas!  I have completed 6 days of the workouts and am already loving it!  I love the challenge and my body is thankful for something new.  Along with P90X3, I have been doing different stuff at the gym too.  Here are a few of my new circuits I have been doing after my 55 minute cardio (hey, I can’t give up my cardio…)

♦ 10 pull ups

♦ 15 kettle bell swings

♦ :30 sec plank

(repeat 5x)

♦ 15 deadlifts

♦ 15 ab mats

♦ 9 single jump rope, 1 double under (repeated 3x)

(repeat 5x)

I have really been enjoying doing more free weight style strength and cardio circuits at the gym!  Try it out for yourself and tell me what you think!

One more thing!  By popular demand on Instagram… I present my super simple, yet super delish Chocolate Banana Cinnamon Protein Smoothie!

get out of your workout rut--Journey for Jessi


♦ 1 scoop chocolate protein powder (I use Vega)

♦ 1 small banana

♦ 8 oz. water

♦ ½ c crushed iced (or use a frozen banana) 

♦ sprinkle of cinnamon 

Just blend, top with cinnamon and enjoy!  That’s it!  Perfect for after your workout!

Want to know where you can try Vega Protein powder?  Hint: enter my Vegan Giveaway!!! ;) 

What are your thoughts?

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