back from break

back from break--Journey for Jessi

Well, it was great while it lasted–my Thanksgiving break that is.  At least I got a full week off at home to relax, enjoy the warm weather, spoil my tummy (maybe a bit too much), and decorate the house for my favorite holiday!  ‘Tis the season.  My home in Houston just explodes with Christmas spirit and I soak every moment of it in.  This is everything holly and jolly that happened in just the two days after Thanksgiving.
My family used to have nine, yes nine, Christmas trees in our house: main tree, cookie tree, gingerbread tree, candy tree, snowman tree, hawaii tree, gold, maroon, and crystal tree, sports tree, ballet and pink tree (mine), and purple tinsel tree (also mine).  Now, we are just down to six.  The tinsel tree is now in Colorado with me, the hawaii tree is no more, and the sports tree left with my brother.  After thanksgiving, my mom got started right away with help from my dad, brother, and me.

back from break--Journey for JessiEvery year, without fail, there always seems to be a problem with the lights, so my mom has to run out to Walgreens or Hobby Lobby to buy new ones.

back from break--Journey for JessiShe did it though!  The gold, maroon and crystal tree got finished first.  It is one of my favorites.  It just looks so elegant and classy.  From outside you can see it light up the second floor window.

back from break--Journey for Jessi

The next to go up was the main tree.  This tree is full of old childhood memories, crafts, and every kind of ornament special to each and every one of my family members.  The one shown above is my Rams ornament for my university.  Even though they lost their football game on Friday against Air Force, the Rams played a good game.  Oh, and speaking of football, it was game central while decorating the tree together.

back from break--Journey for JessiYes, that would be two TVs to watch multiple games…

back from break--Journey for JessiIt was finally my tree’s turn.

back from break--Journey for JessiI decorate mine in all that is pink and ballet.  The large ballerina in the center was gifted to me from Jessi last year.  It was one of the best surprises.  She sent it to my home during break after she saw the Nutcracker with her family.  She saw it and thought of me.  Jessi was always so thoughtful and considerate in that way.  I am so thankful to have had such a kind and caring best friend.  Now, every time I look at my tree at home I think of her and our happy Christmas memories like Christmas shopping together and crafting.  Jessi loved Christmas and was just as spirited as I am.  She did introduce me to something spectacular though last year–Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint.  It is now my favorite Christmas scent and I think I went a little nuts…

back from break--Journey for JessiOh well hehe…

back from break--Journey for JessiAfter decorating, my mom and I watched a Christmas classic–Elf.  You have to love this movie!  It was a nice way to finish off a wonderful break.

How do you start celebrating the holidays?

What are your thoughts?

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