refresh--Journey for JessiWhat have I been up to?  Well, other than the new fresh-faced blog appearance (let me know what you think in the comments), I have been bounding all over the place in my studies, life, and even changes in my environment.  I feel like I am already trying to get a fresh start on the New Year fast approaching.  For now, I will focus more on getting things caught up before I reveal my New Year’s resolutions in the making, which, should be revealed not a day sooner than New Year’s Day.  Instead, here is a refresher of the new things occurring in my life.

refresh--Journey for JessiIf you happen to follow me on Instagram, you will already have a good summary of my current life events, such as the first snowfall of the season in Fort Collins.  As much as I cannot stand the cold, frozen blanket deemed snow, I am thankful that the snow came so late in the season.  My past two years in Colorado the first snowfall was as early as the first week in October–yikes, so I will gladly accept this late November snowfall. 

refresh--Journey for JessiThe only thing that made the frozen tundra okay was (excuse my violation of my own “only after Thanksgiving Day” rule, but…) Christmas music.  Yes, that is right.  I jumped the gun, but it really does put me in such a better mood, especially driving at 8 am on my way to an exam.

refresh--Journey for JessiAlso, snowy weather now means running inside.  I would much rather run outside, but after all last year’s slipping and sliding, I am thankful for this piece of equipment found in my basement.  It is just so convenient and I do not worry 24/7 about falling on my booty (because of ice that is).  I am trying to live in the “summer bodies are made in winter” mindset this holiday season as I feel like it is a valid piece of motivation for my mind.

refresh--Journey for JessiAs for school, a huge mechanical design project has been completed, so that takes a load of my mind. It was a design competition and although, my team did not place, we still worked very hard and learned a lot along the way.

refresh--Journey for JessiIt really was a challenging assignment.  You can read and watch more about it at

refresh--Journey for JessiI have begun enjoying fish again.  As you recall, my vegan challenge ended and although satisfying and an amazing journey, I missed fish, a lot.  

refresh--Journey for JessiEspecially sushi… yummy yummy.  Funny though, when I was ordering I found that I really wanted the Veggie roll, but decided I should get something with fish in it instead.  Part of me kinda wishes I would have tried the veggie roll though, maybe next time!

refresh--Journey for JessiOh!  A challenge I did take in November was my knitting challenge.  A fun fact about me is that I love knitting.  For this challenge of mine, I fulfilled an order of 10 knitted headbands due in 2-3 weeks for CSU’s Golden Poms team.  It was the largest order I had ever gotten!

refresh--Journey for JessiI delivered though!  Challenge was completed and I have heard nothing, but positive feedback!  I even got a few more orders from people who saw these headbands and wanted one for themselves, such a warm, fuzzy feeling.

refresh--Journey for JessiWell, that pretty much catches things up in Colorado.  Right now, I am back home in Texas with my three (Annie not pictured) adorable Shih-Tzus and relaxing.  The best part of all though so far…

refresh--Journey for Jessiwas getting as by my brother’s fiancé to be her bridesmaid!

refresh--Journey for Jessi

I said yes of course!  Now, I am just prepping for Thanksgiving.  I cannot wait to share my thanks, memories, and holiday traditions with you all very soon!  

Until then, do not be shy to post a question or comment below!

What are your thoughts?

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