back in action

back in action--Journey for JessiGreetings everyone!  It has been a long time and I am in blog withdrawal. Over the past weeks I have been traveling across the state  of Texas back to Colorado in preparation for the beginning of classes again.  It has been a great summer and these past weeks have been a perfect finale to the whole ordeal.  I have a lot to catch up on with my trip, activities, recipes, and even some loose ends to tie before I even left Texas.  So here goes nothing… my Annie dog--Journey for JessiI began my journey by saying goodbye to all three of my dogs (Annie the oldest seen above).  I love my dogs more than anything and it makes my heart sad to say goodbye, especially to Annie who grew up with me, but I said my farewells and my family and I headed out on the road.

back in action--Journey for JessiI may have overestimated the amount of stuff I was bringing back to school and packed the car tightly.  An essential though was my baby pineapple plant that I have been growing all summer.  I love plants (and pineapple), so I wanted to be sure that my pineapple plant survived the move.

back in action--Journey for JessiAs every Texan knows, you can NOT have a road trip without Buc-ees. You just cannot.  For those of you that do not know, Buc-ees is a “truck stop” if you will, but not just any truck stop/gas station.  It has a huge store, novelties, food, deli, and the best bathrooms ever!  It sounds silly, but they are so clean and there is never ever a line for the restrooms, no matter how crowded–and just look at the line of cars going in!

back in action--Journey for Jessi back in action--Journey for Jessi

Just because I was on a road trip does not mean I stopped my healthy diet. I packed tons of healthy snacks like carrots, strawberries, seaweed chips, and edamame.  For “fast food” my family stopped at Subway and I ordered their salad with tons of veggies and sometimes a scoop of avocado too.  I find it very important to stay on a routine healthy lifestyle, even on the road.  

back in action--Journey for JessiAfter finally arriving in Fort Collins the next day, I fueled myself with some hotel coffee (not the best, but hey caffeine!).  Later that morning, my family and I went to Panera for a better cup of joe and breakfast.  I must give Panera credit.  They are a very nutrient away chain restaurant and offer many healthy selections.  They also put the caloric fact right on the menu!  No hiding the facts for them.  I ordered their Power Breakfast sandwich with egg whites, avocado, spinach, and  tomato on a sprouted english muffin.  It was delis after I scraped off the cheese. 

back in action--Journey for JessiLater that day I headed for the hotel gym for a much needed sweat sesh. Hotel “gyms” are not that state-of-the-art, but they do get the job done. My workout consisted of a 40 min HIIT elliptical cardio session, weighted sit-ups, and a lot of arm work.  I always recommend staying in a hotel with a fitness center or one by a gym to which you are a national member of.

back in action--Journey for JessiIt was good to be back in Colorado.  I stocked up on all of my favorite Colorado Proud health goodies by companies born in Colorado.  Yummy!  

Sorry this post is so quick and to the point, but it is still a busy week for me, and I just needed to post again!  I will fill you in with more details about my last days at home and Colorado adventures soon.

What are your thoughts?

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