egg-cellent protein source

microwaved egg whites--journey for jessiEggs.  I used to despise the taste and texture of eggs.  Slowly though, I have come to realize that the texture problem I had was because of the yolks, so I began to ditch those on most occasions, and the taste aspect? Who knew most restaurants (and sometimes my family) add milk and cheese into their scrambled eggs?  No wonder I have a negative bias towards eggs, me being lactose intolerant and what not.  No, eggs are not vegan (I do buy cage-free and free-range though), but they are packed with protein and have done me wonders this past week.

Earlier this summer, my digestive system has been a wreck: always bloated and never satisfied.  I attribute this to being a sugar addict.  Something that I have known for years and years. I have tried to cope with it by eating more natural sugars found in fruits and sweet vegetables, but sugar is sugar and still sends my body into a sugar high craving  more sugary, sweet things.  Last year, I attempted to go on the “Sugar Detox Diet” where you detox from sugar by quitting cold turkey.  It was painful.  I had headaches and became irritable from missing sugar in my diet, so the “detox” did not last long as you can imagine.the sugar detox--journey for jessi

I was back to eating dark chocolate and buckets of fruit to satisfy my sweet teeth falling back into old habits.  Last week though, I began a “fat shredder” eating plan.  It had no promise of “sugar detoxification” or “no carbs ever” so I decided to give it a go because it seemed like a sustainable and healthy eating plan.  I know it has only been a week, but I am already seeing the cellulite disappear from my thighs, my face is clearing up, I am craving sugar less, feeling less bloated, and my workouts have become more efficient and rewarding.  I know it seems like I have gotten off topic from “eggs,” but my new eating plan requires the majority of my macronutrients to come from protein, and being a pescatarian, my new go-to breakfasts are in fact, eggs.

I have been eating eggs every morning instead of my usual fruit bowl. They are so versatile.  Just this week I have had them microwaved (pictured above), in an omelet, scrambled, and even made Vegetarian Egg Muffins.

egg white spinach scramble--journey for jessiAlthough I do prefer just the egg whites, I know that the yolks also contain some beneficial nutrients, so I add a yolk in from time to time.  For example, my Vegetarian Egg Muffins have an added yolk to them to aid in the binding of the rest of the ingredients.


♦ 4 egg whites

♦ 1 whole egg

♦ 1 cup fresh organic baby spinach

♦ ¼ cup Go Veggie! Soy Cheese

♦ ¼ cup watervegetarian egg muffins--journey for jessi Pre-heat oven to 375°F.  Add the water to an iron skillet over medium heat and toss in the spinach.

vegetarian egg muffins--journey for jessiSauté the spinach until just barely wilted.  Take off of the heat and drain the excess water.

vegetarian egg muffins--journey for jessiIn a bowl, whisk the egg whites together.

vegetarian egg muffins--journey for jessiAdd in the sautéed spinach and soy cheese (I used mozzarella flavor).

vegetarian egg muffins--journey for jessiWhen first making these, I tried to use just my egg whites.  Then, I realized that the ingredients were not binding well, so I added another whole egg.

vegetarian egg muffins--journey for jessiAfter well-combined, add the egg mixture into a thoroughly greases mini muffin pan.  My mixture fit comfortably into mini muffin pan that holds 8 muffins, but feel free to double or triple this recipe if serving more people.

vegetarian egg muffins--journey for jessiBake in the heated oven for about 23 minutes.  Allow them to cool, pop them out of the pan, and…

vegetarian egg muffins--journey for jessi


♦ one serving of 2 mini muffins has about 61 calories, 2.4 grams fat, and 8.1 grams protein

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