blueberry banana egg “pancakes”

blueberry banana-egg "pancakes"--Journey for JessiWho doesn’t love pancakes?  I know I am a huge fan.  I have fond memories of my dad and I making pancakes together every weekend when I was little.  He taught me the secrets of flavoring a good pancake. My mom always got on to him about “not following the recipe,” but they always turned out magnificently.  I remember for every Father’s Day, Christmas, or Birthday that I always wanted to gift him something pancake related such as a new mix or spatula.

Now that I am grown, I carry on these precious memories and skills that I have learned from him.  I “read” the batter.  I am not afraid to try new ingredients–which is good because these “pancakes” are completely flour-less, grain-less, and, therefore, gluten-free.  A label I am sure my dad will appreciate, since he has a gluten intolerance.  So without any further back story, here is my Blueberry Banana EggPancake” recipe:


♦ 3 egg whites

♦ 1 large banana

♦ ¼ cup organic blueberries

blueberry banana-egg "pancakes"--Journey for Jessi

Begin by mashing up the banana either with a biscuit cutter, a knife, or a fork.

blueberry banana-egg "pancakes"--Journey for Jessi

Mix in the eggs to the mashed banana and combine thoroughly.  Then, gently add in the blueberries.

blueberry banana-egg "pancakes"--Journey for JessiPour half the batter into an iron pan over medium heat.  Make sure you spray the pan first to prevent the mixture from sticking.

blueberry banana-egg "pancakes"--Journey for JessiCook for about 3-4 minutes or until the edges start to firm up.  Then, flip that pancake!  My dad sure taught me how to flip a flapjack!

blueberry banana-egg "pancakes"--Journey for JessiAllow another 3-4 minutes for the other side to cook.  Repeat this procedure for the other half of the batter to make 2 large pancakes. Serve on a plate and…

blueberry banana-egg "pancakes"--Journey for JessiE N J O Y

♦ I drizzled mine with a little bit of honey, but feel free to eat plain or with maple syrup!

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