the big salad

the BIG salad--Journey for JessiHappy Monday y’all!  What a great Fourth of July weekend!  If you are like me though, you may be feeling a bit sluggish as your “cheat meal” at your 4th BBQ rapidly escalated into a weekend free-for-all… but never fear!  I have several tips to kick it back into bikini bod mode, starting with last night’s dinner– “the BIG salad.”  “Big salads” are a staple in my family’s diet.  We love them because you can make them however you want!Last night’s salad consisted of organic arugula, organic baby leaf spinach, organic spring green mix, homegrown cherry tomatoes, homegrown cucumber, shredded carrots, radishes, kalamata olives, and boiled eggs (not pictured).  It was a delicious way to reset my body for a fresh start this morning.  If you are wondering why “the big salad” is being held in quotes,  Seinfeld is why:

This morning I woke up feeling better than I had over the weekend.  My stomach was not feeling as bloated as it was, but as a precaution, I made a Blue Debloat Smoothie for breakfast.  It made 2 servings for 80 calories each serving.


♦ ¾ cup organic frozen blueberries

♦ 1 cup organic baby leaf spinach

♦ 2 oz pineapple greek yogurt

♦ a few chunks of fresh pineapple

♦ ½ scoop Vega Smoothie Tropical

♦ ½ cup crushed ice

♦ 1 cup waterBlue deBloat Smoothie--Journey for Jessi

Just blend together and…

Blue deBloat Smoothie--Journey for JessiE N J O Y

For a midmorning snack, I had a bowl of diced cantaloupe and organic strawberries.  Later I am planning on beginning a 21 Day Flat Belly Challenge.  After the abdominal work, I will cool down and re-energize with my Chia Fresca!

Have a good afternoon!

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