kick-start circuit series:rotation six

Liveashore Tank!Yesterday was a good day.  I received my Liveashore workout tank in the mail, had a day full of great snacks, and filled with kick-butt workouts!  It all began with my morning run as I continue training for my half-marathon(s).  I have just been running 6-8 miles a week since I have not registered for any halfs yet, and Jessi’s is in all the way in May.  It has been really hot here in Houston, so I learned to listen to my body and heart and slow it down.

I just turn my GPS watch to the “clock” setting in order to focus more on my surroundings and body.  It makes me feel like Forrest Gump—and not in the way most people assume.  I was able to take in the simple beauty I found in things around me, like the way the sun seeped through the arch of live oak trees as ran under their canopy… okay, enough of my zen moments.  It was very peaceful though.

After my run, I cooled down, stretched, drank a big glass of water, then it was on to rotation six of my kick-start circuit series!  This is the last rotation before taking a rest day or circling back to rotation one, so congratulate yourself on a job well-done!

kickstart circuit series: rotation six

Tips and Tricks:

♦ Make your jumping jacks wide and land with bent knees.

♦ Keep your legs straight on the inner thigh scissors.

♦ Keep your triceps parallel to the ground and dip low.

♦ Squat low, but do not let your knees track out over your toes.

♦ Truly lean side to side and not lean forward or too far back when toning your obliques.

This took me less than ten minutes like the others and burnt about 35 calories. (*calories burnt based off of my body and level of exertion)

Post Workout JuiceAfter my workouts, I re-energized with half a bottle of Naked Juice Smoothie and decided to treat myself with a yogurt bowl.  I was craving something sweet, so I took it upon myself to whip up a Dark Chocolate Coconut Greek Yogurt Bowl.


♦ Chiobani Coconut Greek yogurt cup

♦ 1 tbsp of unsweetened shredded coconut

♦ 3 squares of Green & Black’s Organic 85% Dark ChocolateCoconut Dark Chocolate Yogurt

Combine all ingredients together and blend well.

 E N J O Y

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