too hot too early

ImageGood morning all, or should I say good afternoon?

I usually wake up early on Tuesdays to go for a little 3 mile run, but as the heart of summer creeps on, so does the heat.  I find that I am setting my alarm earlier and earlier just to avoid the hot sun…

Today, I did not go on my usual jaunt.  I went down to my old high school’s sports fields to play a couple hours of Ultimate Frisbee.  Man, do I love Ultimate.  I don’t considerate myself good by any means, I just love endurance sports.  I am that girl who consistently jogs back and forth following the disc with the occasional sprint burst here and there when needed.  


Three hours later, I was back home and bushed.  The heat and sun really takes it out of me.  I kept hydrated while playing, but I needed sustenance.  I went to my go to–smoothies.  

Say “Hello” to the Green Piña Colada Smoothie!


♦ 1 cup Coconut Milk

♦ 3 tbs of Unsweetened Shredded Coconut (divided– 1tbs went on top)

♦ 2 cup diced Fresh Pineapple

♦ 1 cup organic Baby Spinach

♦ ½ cup of IceImage

This was pure deliciousness and only 177 calories per serving! (Makes 2 full 8oz. glasses)

ImageE N J O Y

What are your thoughts?

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